About Shirley Noah

My quest for health came in the early 80’s when I noticed that my vision was becoming clouded.  So I went to my eye doctor who sent me to a specialist and then another specialist.  There were many floaters clouding my eyesight.  I was a young mother  working in real estate at the time.  The last specialist said he did not know what it was or where it came from, but that I would have it for the rest of my life.  I watched other people come into his office that were nearly blind with the same “disease”.  He prescribed steroids and told me to come back.  I took them for a month and then went back and asked him to get me off them and I would try something on my own.  I left and never returned.

I started a quest for finding out the “WHY”.  I did not want to settle for no answers and no treatment.  That day ignited an internal strength and passion that I didn’t know I was capable of, and I developed an inner drive to seek the truth.  SInce that day, I have been on a journey to improve my heath and the health of anyone who is interested.  Along the way, i’ve learned a lot about food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  After years of eating processed foods and living a high-stress lifestyle in a fast-paced career of Interior Design doing many model homes with grueling deadlines.  Stress and lack of sleep created a perfect breeding ground for autoimmune disease.  My hair became dry and falling out and I was too tired to get through the day.  I discovered in my reading and searching that I had an un-diagnosed thyroid and gut disease.  But through a nourishing diet and changed lifestyle it has allowed my body to reverse these problems.

Through this struggle, I’ve realized how nourishing food is absolutely-essential to health.  Also, how the standard diet is failing many of us!  I began to research nutrition and the most healthful lifestyle-from what to eat and how to live overall.  With some basic changes in my diet and lifestyle I could make a large impact on my health.  I became my own guinea pig, experimenting with real food, supplements, and lifestyle . Reading hundreds of books, listening to dozens of podcasts, and attending many classes and  researching hundreds of medical studies became the basis of the changes I made.

I started with baby steps, making one natural product for my home….then planning better food choices.  Slowly I replaced the plastic in my house with glass and stocked my pantry with organic ingredients.  I started to grow my own food, since I wanted to know where it came from and how it was treated.  The journey started with simple changes.  It started with addressing my own health struggles and establishing mindful eating and lifestyle habits.

During this process, I have overcome some potentially enabling conditions that I have watched others struggle with.  I have become an example to my family and friends.  I am not perfect.  My family isn’t perfect.  I am very much a work in  progress, but I think we all are.  Once you are armed with knowledge and tools you can change the future of your health.  I choose to live a quality life with optimum health and to fulfill my purpose in life.

I have benefited greatly from healthy choices, positive thinking, and a clean diet of less processed foods. Please join me on this mission to change YOUR future and the future of our children.  Through “In Good Health Coach” I hope to make your life a little easier and your family much healthier.  Together we can make LASTING CHANGES.

To Your Success,

Shirley Noah